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About Us

SNEAKERTHINGS is based in the UK, we ship daily to Europe, Asia & the US (accept Saturday / Sunday), we sell all things Kicks and we are SneakerHeads ourselves, we are members of Crooked Tongues, & loads more, we are always involved in the scene & have hosted Sneaker/Art events & parties, we have had shows in Glasgow, Dundee & Leicester in the last year alone, you can view some of our events like 'NOTHING BUT THE ART' a Nike SB event here @ & . . . . .


As well as selling Kicks e.t.c we also BUY Sneakers OR Sneaker collections, just send us an e.mail to and provide Pictures, Descriptions, Condition i.e 9/10 or NEW Deadstock e.t.c, Price AND GUARANTEE AUTHENTICITY!


Sneakerthings is all about bringing you all things sneaker related, From mid February we will be stocking all sorts of Rare and hard to find Sneakers from brands like Adidas, Nike SB, Asics, Puma, New Balance, Nike, Avia & More.


We also have the biggest selection of mini sneaker Keychains / Pairs / Earrings, These little blighters are exact replicas of the real thing accept they are a Mini 1/6 Scale, hang em from your keys or ears, stick em on your Action Man or other 12" figures or just display them for all to see & with over 180 styles you'll be spoilt for choice.


We are exclusive sellers within the UK for JASON MARRK Sneaker Solution kits, this solution is biodegradable and cleans almost all materials from suede to canvas to leather without being abrasive, each kit cleans approx 50 pairs so is a real bargain and essential part of any Sneaker Heads arsenal.

We are also exclusive retailers within the UK for Sneaker Decreasers, these are fantastic for Air Force 1 & Dunks e.t.c and keeps those nasty creases from appearing on your prized kicks, coming from the states these gems are the brainchild of GOURMET KICKS Chef who is one of the US of A's premier Sneaker customisers.


We are really into pimping our Kicks here @ SNEAKERTHINGS and what better way than matching laces, nothing worse than Rocking a pair of Kicks and the laces ain't cutting it, we sell the full range of premium SB laces, Skate Laces & Fat Laces, we also sell Premium laces from NIKE.


Well just about everyone who is into their kicks is getting into the custom game, wether it be a few simple touches or a all over re-vamp there is only one paint to use & that is ANGELUS LEATHER PAINT , this is another great product that we have sourced from the USA and is exclusive to us @ SNEAKERTHINGS, with over 60 colours to choose and mix the only problem will be choosing the right ones, we also carry all finishers, Dullers e.t.c, the world's finest cutomisers like SBTG are using ANGELUS so why don't you.


We are quite Arty here @ SNEAKERTHINGS HQ, we sell all sorts of art from -

GAZMAC - Huge Spray Paint Sneaker Original canvases & Prints * Commisions also taken so why don't you pick out your favourite Sneakers and get Scotlands's N01 Graffitti artist Gazmac to bring em to life on Canvas, with 20 years in the UK Graf scene Gazmac will work with you on all your requirements.

SUPERTINY - Custom Mini Clocks/ Models e.t.c * Now Supertiny is our best friend . . . . why?, well because he always surprises us with his crafty designs, wether it be the extremely popular Sneaker Clocks or his Mini Sneaker production lines Models his work is always in demand, Supertiny also does our 'Mona Lisa' Hand finished works of art & loads more.

FOOTSOLEJAH - Photography Prints * Every now and again we go on a photo shoot and we all bring our Kicks, we eat donuts and drink beers BUT we always end up with some of the finest Sneaker photography on offer, Footsolejah's prints are Signed & Numbered.

GRAHAM TAIT - Skating / Sport Photography * Graham hails from the fine city of Edinburgh and has been producing some of the finest Skating photography the UK has to offer, Graham's work has also appeared in various Skate mazines, all of Graham's work is Signed & Numbered.

COMING SOON . . . . . .

SNEAKERBALLS - Fantastic little odour eaters which come as your favourite sports balls, Basketball, Soccer & Baseball e.t.c.

SHOE GOO - The worlds finest Sneaker Glue, an absolute must for Skaters & SneakerHeads alike for repairing em bust-up Kicks.

NEW BALANCE LACES - Some nice Round laces for your favourite NB,s on their way to you soon!.

KRINK INK - We will be stocking the world's finest Custom Ink pens from KRINK U.S.A , we will be stocking the K-42 Hand-Made Permanent Paint filled pen in the follow colours - Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, White & Yellow.